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About us

Elegiya Logistic group is an All-Russian customs agent (Certificate of inclusion in to the Customs brokers/ RepresentativesRegister N 0510/02).

Elegiya Logistic group has been operating on Russian market since 2008 and specializes in customs clearance of goods, transportation and commercial storage of cargo. 

We have an experience of making up documents of any type of goods in any type of customs regime.

We can make a complex customs clearance of goods according to all requirements of Federal Customs Service (FCS). Our company assists in getting certificates of goods whether it is necessary and other required documents.

Highly qualified staff will provide you with complete consultations on transportation and customs clearance.  

We will follow all necessary formal procedures, our declarants will glean the customs codes and will make customs declaration for your cargo. Our specialists from customs clearance department will do their best to accelerate the cargo legalization. We also provide our clients with a complete package of documents on the goods. Thus we make supplies as convenient for you as it’s possible.


We speak 5 languages!


Due to a high qualification of our employees and our company experience in customs clearance field, we guaranties efficient and prompt solution of all customs questions.


Customs clearance takes place at the following customs offices: 


  • c/p  Airport Domodedovo (cargo) (code 10002010)
  • c/p  Airport Sheremetievo (code 10005000)
  • c/p  Airport Samara (code 10412030)

Kaluga customs:

  • c/p  Obninskiy (code 10106050)
  • c/p  Kaluzhskiy (code 10106010)

Briansk customs:

  • c/p   Aleksandrovskiy (code 10102120)

Moscow Region Customs:

  • c/p  Leningraskiy (code 10125320)
  • c/p  Lvovskiy (code 10125310)
  • c/p  Kievskiy (code 10130200)
  • ОТО and ТК №2 of Kievskiy c/p  (code 10130202)

Baltic customs:

  • ОТО and ТК №2 of Krondstadtskiy c/p  (code 10216022)

Pskov Customs:

  • ZAO "Elkom Terminal", Pskov city, Zonalnoe shosse 46
    Certificate № 10209/100033 of 01.01.2011.
    Customs Terminal № 3, code 10209095
  • ZAO "Severo-Zapadniy SVH", Pskov city, st. Ekipazha Gudina. 7
    Certificate №10209/100027 of 07.12.2010.
    Customs Terminal №2, code 10209094

Vladivostok customs:

  • c/p  Sea port Vladivostok (code 10702030)

Krasnodar customs:

  • c/p  Krymskiy (code 10309090)